Tidbit Thursday

Happy Thors-day!

As I write this, I’m sick as a dog, and struggling to get through my night shift so I can sleep. Because dying.

News? Sure, let’s talk patch 7.1.5 as it hits the PTR. More importantly, how it might help with making gooooooold!

  • Looks like crafted gear is getting the Obliterum upgrade from 8 to 10. Take advantage now of the cheap mats that you can use to make these things, and be ready to sell them once the patch goes live.
  • Also getting a very cool upgrade is the WoW Token. Judging by the coding being introduced in the patch, we are going to be able to buy the tokens and deposit them in our Battle.net account. That means you’ll be able to buy server transfers, race changes, and all that good stuff, with gold. To this I say both “Hooray” and “Damn it” because I can see myself using this to server transfer toons, and most likely leveling them up.

There were a couple other things, but I’m pretty sure that was part of a fever dream. Actually, that leads me to another tip. It’s not necessarily game related, but it bears mentioning:

  • Listen to your body. It will tell you when something’s wrong. I’m not saying to go to WebMD every time you have an ache (because nine times out of ten it’ll probably tell you you’re dying), but be mindful if you’re feeling “off.”
  • If you’re sick, STAY HOME AND DON’T SPREAD YOUR PLAGUE YOU SAVAGE! Luckily when whatever the Hell plague hit me, I was already at work. Staying up late at night puts stressors on your body, including your immune system, which is why doctors suggest rest when you’re sick. So being up all night will beat the piss out of me, but I don’t have to be around other people so I am somewhat contained, and I have alcoholic wipes that I will use to towel down everything before I leave. I will also leave some for the day shift guy, and suggest he do the same.

That’s it for me. I hope this posts.

#PrayForMojo #ScrewThatGorilla

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