The Broken Shore and Powerleveling

Dat scream doe

It’s been about a week since Blizzard released the pre-expansion “event” involving the Broken Shore and the subsequent Invasion. Oh yeah, and Demon Hunters (if you pre-ordered Legion). People seem to be having a lot of fun with the new content.

I’m almost entirely done with it.

  • Demon Hunters – They seem fine. I’ve made one for both Alliance and Horde, DPS and Tanking. They start at 98 and by the time you finish their starting zone they’re 100. However, they have zero professions. Not even First Aid. I could see myself using one for farming old content, or if I wanted to try out a new server. The gliding is fun, double jump is… something I guess.
  • Invasion – I picked up the feat of strength where I completed six of the invasion events. I upgraded some weapons and a couple of pieces of gear before I finally decided that Legion is going to upgrade most of this for me. Buffing the Invasion weapons is fine, but I’m starting the next expansion with Artifact weapons that will surpass what I’m currently using. The Nethershards are fine for people who want the transmog, or the pet. But since neither are overly appealing to me there isn’t much use in repeating the Invasion events.
  • Leveling – Okay, maybe there is one reason that might interest me. Leveling alts, because I don’t quite have 20 characters at 100 yet and I’m defective like that. Asmongold, explain how these Invasions will enable my addiction.




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