Legion Pre-Patch Tomorrow

I like to think that, despite there being 24 hours in a day, most folk only use the last minute to get things done.

Take me for example. I started switching out some of my garrison buildings and realized that, for the past year, I could have been doing things much better. Things are falling into place, just as the game board is about to get slapped off the table. The Legion pre-expansion patch goes live tomorrow, July 19th, and plenty of things will be a-changing. Check out Blizzard’s video where they briefly discuss what to look for tomorrow.


The garrison changes will be going live as well. This means:

  • Gold sources will be disappearing (Jewelcrafting Daily) or changing (gold follower missions will reward garrison resources).
  • Salvage Yard will no longer produce the transmog gear.
  • Follower weapon and armor tokens will sell for copper, rather than gold.
  • Trading Post items will increase in value 4x.


If you’ve got garrison business, I suggest you do it now and get the last bit of coin out of the garrison that you can before it all goes away. Oh, and yadda yadda class changes transmog etc etc.

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