Gold Farming in Everbloom

With Legion just around the corner (OMG less than a month), people have started looking to the future. Old raids are getting nerfed, treasure potions and getting gutted, so what’s left? Turns out quite a bit.

Oldbess dropped some knowledge, and hopefully this spot doesn’t get hit with the nerf bat too. These kinds of spots are my favorites in that they’re instanced, so you don’t have to compete with anyone else and can take your time farming. It’s one that you can do now, but it’ll be even better once you cap out in Legion.


After watching this video, I decided to give it a try (as I like to do). Problem being, I’m not a Heroic raider so my gear iLevel is nowhere near what Oldbess was running at. He was about iLevel 720, where my Blood DK offspec was sitting around 695. Trying this would be suicide, no?

I said Blood DK. #DeathGripCity, bitches!

I tried a couple of packs, nothing crazy. I survived the pulls, but I could see how a higher iLevel (or actual tanking gear, rather than my DPS gear in a tank spec) might make more of a difference. The gold potential is definitely here, and it will only get better with Legion.

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