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Legion will be here in a few short months. More importantly, the gold making garrison grind will be gone in a few short months. Followers with the Treasure Hunter ability will become Super Scavengers, and treasure hunting missions will reward garrison resources rather than gold. I’d been using the passive gold making with my army of alts to buy tokens so that I could play for free. There’s a real possibility that this will go away once the garrison changes go live.

As a casual player, I simply do not have the time to devote to hardcore gold making on multiple alts, just to earn enough gold to buy tokens per month. Yes I could farm raids, or milk every last gold-making drop out of every garrison, on every alt. Right now, spending about fifteen minutes a day makes me enough gold to get a token every week or so. When the gold missions disappear, that gold generation time is going to balloon to well over an hour. If I want to do anything in-game beyond making gold, I simply won’t have the time for it. I’d be making gold to buy tokens to get game time to make gold to buy tokens etc.

However, I did read a reddit post where there was a discussion regarding the gold farming potential of a Demon Hunter. The tips that were covered in the post could easily be used for any current level 100 character, and from what I was reading it seemed possible to earn enough gold to buy a token using only one character. Sure, it would only be a token per month rather than per week, but it would certainly be much easier to focus on a single character rather than ten. Most of my alts exist only to generate garrison gold. If I no longer had to focus on all of them, I’d probably be able to enjoy keeping the focus on just one or two.

Anyway, here is the information I pulled from the reddit post. I may experiment with this for the next few weeks, which means reducing my garrison grind. If it keeps me playing for free, with a little pocket change on the side, all the better. The post references Demon Hunters, but like I said, it could just as easily apply to any level 100 character.

Engineering & Alchemy as professions (speed-levelable very cheap despite not needing 700 skill for Legion) and Scribe/Alch buildings for max post-patch profit with a Trading Post. They can power out Sky Golems each month and mass produce Card of Omens and Alchemical Catalysts.

It’s currently not clear how the shipyard will be effected with 7.0, so that’s on hold. If shipyards remain profitable with an independent supply of Oil, then a lvl 3 garrison is viable and also allows for Rush Orders from follower missions for small buildings.

As Engineers they will be wonderful mount farmers with fast teleporting to Area 52, Pandaria, Northrend & Draenor, if/when I have time for weekly runs.

Each DH –


  • 1320 Card of Omens per month from work orders w/follower (way more with Rush Orders) (approx 4440, estimates from a later post)
  • 1232 Alchemical Catalysts per month from daily CD and work orders w/follower (way more with Rush Orders)
  • 1 Sky Golem per month
  • Tens of thousands of GR per month per garrison tradable @ the Trading Post for mats or gold depending on market value.



Better processes may come out, but I’ve been dodging Inscription huts for the longest time (despite hearing what great gold-making potential they have). Might be time to give them a chance. Plus, you can never have too many ports (a la Engineering). Now’s the time to shuffle things around.

Unless you’re playing Overwatch. Then you’ve probably got other things taking up your every waking moment.

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