WoW Rare Garrison Mission Guide


This image has nothing to do with the post. I just felt like posting it.


Hey Rokk, why won’t my garrison give me any of those rare missions?  You know, the good ones that give me Elixirs of the Rapid Mind or that cool looking mount that looks like someone shaved down King Kong?

Great question Billy!

But my name’s not –


… my mom likes my name.

Back to your question. It’s like this – garrison missions aren’t just about your followers. They’re about you too. I know that seems pretty out there, since follower missions are usually about kitting up your followers and sending them on their way. Well if you’re wondering why your alts never seem to unlock those sweet, sweet rare missions then wonder no longer! MadSeasonShow created this video awhile ago, and I’ve been meaning to show it some love for months. So check it out and discover the Secret to Unlocking WoW Rare Garrison Missions!


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