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What the Hell? Seriously? What am I doing with my life when I’ve capped out the number of characters I can make on an entire World of Warcraft account! Sure I’ve got an entire server full of toons making gold so I can continue to play for free. Sure I’ve got a bunch of toons here and there.

I don’t even have that much playtime. Why have so many toons?

I’m sure this isn’t a big deal for most people, and it’s probably a different kind of issue for others. But for me, seeing that message was like a red flag. I play casually, so that message was a little friendly reminder that there are so many hours in a day, and I don’t want to waste the precious few WoW-hours I have just dabbling here and there. That’s for people with disposable time. Folks that have the luxury to sit around for hours a day, staring at their monitor, texting or chatting with other folks in a video game.

I have my routine. Log in, run through my horde server to get my gold, and maybe do work with one or two characters. Now it looks like I need to go through the server list and put some of these lowbie toons in the crosshairs. I’m going to want to make a Demon Hunter, maybe a couple of them, who knows. So it’s time to take my game time back by putting some of these soft lowbies in the crosshairs and pull the trigger.

Have you maxed out the number of characters on your World of Warcraft account? On a server?


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  1. Amusingly I have, BUT they are all level 1s from visiting other people on their servers!

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