Blizzcon 2016


Commence the #Blizzcon2016 hashtags, baby!

Earlier this week, Blizzard decided to throw the blogging community a bone and dropped some interesting news for us to buzz about. That buzz, of course, being the announcement that there would, in fact, be a Blizzcon this year. It makes sense, this being Blizzard’s 25th anniversary as a company and all. Why not have a party to celebrate it?

Since there’s actually a chance that I might be able to go this year (the cash could be there, and I’m not scheduled to work that weekend), I’m naturally getting amped up. However, time and money are not the only gateways to Blizzcon. One must obtain a golden ticket, which thankfully(?) did not increase in price this year. I think this is the first time there hasn’t been an increase in ticket price. I mean, it’s still $199 for a ticket (OUCH) on top of airfare(OW) and hotel(STOP), but it could have been worse.

So the goal now is to make sure I’m home, at my computer, on April 20th at 9pm Central (7pm Pacific) for the first round of ticket sales with my finger on the F5 button. I guess I could set up a macro on my mouse to auto press F5, and save my keyboard from the abuse I fully intend on inflicting upon it.

Will you be trying to get tickets as well? Are you planning on going to Blizzcon 2016?


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