Farming Raids for Gold in Legion

I’m so glad Bellular is in the Legion alpha.

I’ve thrown out questions on Twitter, hoping someone in the alpha would give me some kind of feedback about various topics I’ve queried. Most of which involved gold, and the making of said gold. With the garrison’s passive gold-making disappearing in Legion, casual folks looking to make gold were going to have to find another way to do it without wasting hours and hours doing so. I’m not talking fortunes here, because I still believe you should have to put in some work to get some reward. But a reasonable amount of gold per hour shouldn’t be out of the question.

Generally speaking, my Twitter questions go unanswered. But given enough time, Bellular somehow ends up creating a video that addresses something I’ve asked. In this case, the video in question involves soloing MoP content in Legion. Will it still be a decent gold-maker in the next expansion?

Check out the video and find out!

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