The Art of Direct Messaging

Okay Internet, we need to have a talk. It’s going to be less “gaming” related and more “acting like a damn human being” related.

Over the past weekend, I saw a disturbing amount of twitter posts in my timeline where ladies were talking about receiving unsolicited dick pics, and their general lack of enthusiasm upon receiving these “gifts”.

What the Hell guys? Was there a full moon or something? Winter fever getting your loins all turbo-charged and you’re tired of stabbing your fist with your member?

This site is here to help people. I’m here to help people. You can’t throw a dick pic in any direction without those pixelated balls landing on a blog filled with rants and complaints. People trying to be edgy. We’re not about that around here. Helpful tips, that’s what we do.

It’s Monday morning, so let’s start the week off on the right foot. Here’s a video courtesy of Joe Santagato where he points out the Do’s and Don’ts of “Sliding into DM’s”, in the way Joe does – no bullshit. So check it out, take some notes, and keep your dick in your pants.

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