Ruins of Kra’nak Farming

Oh hello Internet. I didn’t see you there. Please, have a seat and let’s talk about garrisons.

Wait! Come back! There’s gear in it for you! Yeah, that’s right. Phat loots.

A bit of backstory then. My monk, the latest casualty in the Quest To Find Stuff To Do, dinged 100. As luck would have it, I had saved enough garrison resources and gold that I was able to pump my garrison to Level Three. Naturally, getting that involved a lot of flying around and scooping up caches, killing rare mobs, and so on. Doing that left me somewhat resource starved, prohibiting me from building other, uh, buildings. So the plan would be to get back in the air, fly around looking for treasures, and hope for the best.

There’s that, and then there’s Option B.

Option B involved Tanaan Jungle, a stable, and a realm-hopping addon.

At 94, Rokkfu (the monk in question) boosted the garrison to Level Two. Since the building doesn’t have much leveling use, or any serious use until it’s at Level Three, Rokkfu ditched the Barracks and got a Stable instead. This let him travel around Draenor, picking up treasures and such without having to dismount. Living that Druid Life, you might say.

Now here’s where we get into l33t strats. At 100, Rokkfu got himself to Tanaan Jungle and established his base. From there, he hopped on his flying frisbee and flew to the Ruins of Kra’nak. There are a number of treasures there in the form of purple glowing crystals. Some are on the ground, some on the sides of pillars. These can be snatched up quickly without having to sweat mobs due to the Stables non-needing-to-dismount-to-loot ability. Generally these crystals give garrison resources, but they can also reward baleful gear.

Once the ruins have been picked clean, hop over to a new realm and fly through it again. Rinse and repeat until bags are full, resources are capped, or boredom makes you want to peel your fingernails off.

TL; DR – Watch SteveInSocks’S video where he explains pretty much what I just said. Oh, and he also has Tomtom waypoints that show the spawn points.

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