Easy Garrison Followers

Between leveling from 90 to 100 in the time it takes for a burrito fart to dissipate in a room, and Blizzard opting to let you buy a jacked up level 100 because how many times can you level a toon through the same content (the answer is 15), it’s fairly easy to neglect certain aspects of your garrison.

The garrison. You know, the thing that was originally considered “optional” but became the cornerstone of an entire expansion? The thing that became a license to print free gold, and in some cases, allowed you to pay for your monthly subscription? Well, for that to happen you want to send out as many followers as you can on garrison missions. Usually you can pick up followers through questing and a level 2 inn. But when you fly through the content, you’re going to be woefully undermanned as far as followers go. You’ll want to pick up a few easy to obtain followers to help get you started.

Well thanks to the video created by studen albatroz, here’s eight followers you can swoop in and pick up with little or no effort at all. He actually missed a couple, so (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) read the Youtube comments for more helpful information.



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