Epic Music Mix of Epic Action Hybrid

Whether I’m queued for a raid, a dungeon, or just mindlessly farming to pay for my crack World of Warcraft habit, the last thing I want is for my brain to start putting two and two together and realizing that what the hell am I doing with my life.

Therefore, music!

This video is a great compilation in that the beat is fast and strong, the visuals are just damn impressive (but should be irrelevant because I’m playing a game and this should be in the background), and it is just intense enough for my higher brain functions to be able to switch between thumping beats and complex combat sequences (in-game of course).


Do you have a soundtrack that you listen to when you’re grinding apexis crystals, farming rep, or whatever it is that you do in whatever game you’re playing? Leave your jam (or a link to said jam) in the comments below. Who knows, maybe that comment may change someone’s life. Or heck, get you entered in a draw for something. Stranger things have happened.

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