Heart of Fear Gold Farming

It’s January, and you know what that means. That’s right Internet, it’s time to start paying off all that damn insane debt you loaded up on over the holidays. I know I am, which means trimming some expenses here and there. Reallocating some funds, so to speak. And so, with the Canadian dollar sharing the value of a turd floating in a toilet bowl, I cancelled the part of my WoW subscription where I pay for it with real money, and will instead be using in-game gold to pay for my WoW subscription.

Stuff just got real.

So other than the garrison (which is insanely lucrative when you have a small army of alts grinding out treasure follower missions), what can a poor soul do to earn some gold?

Sidebar – I cringe every time I read about someone asking how to make gold. Unless you’re buying WoW tokens and selling them for gold, you’re going to have to do work. Just the way it is.

Okay, so, doing work.  Here’s a little number I tried out briefly – Heart of Fear in Pandaria. This place is great because it’s instanced, so you don’t have to fight anyone else for mobs. It’s a Potion of Luck kind of farm, but it can be a nice little casual grind. The downside is that you’re locked out after ten resets, but you can zip over to Sra’vess and bang out some more gold there.

You like movies and visual explanations? Me too! So here’s Oldbess to tell you pretty much what I just told you, only better!


I gave this a try the other day. More of a taste than a real good go at it. I only went for twenty minutes, aka the duration of a single Potion of Luck. My results? After twenty minutes, between vendoring greens, selling a few mats, and raw gold, I made just over five hundred gold. That maths out to 1500 gold in an hour. That’s just bro math, based on a fraction of a single run. I’m going to try this for the full hour and see what kind of numbers I put up, but it’s definitely a nice little jaunt if you’re hoping to make gold without giving it too much thought.

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