PVE Gear For PVP in 6.2.3

Fellas, it’s like the ladies tell ya – it’s all about making the most of what you have. Especially when it comes to what you’re packing. Equipment, your gear is what I’m talking about here, and not the kind that can be buffed with Extenze.

Clothes make the man, or Orc, Gnome, what have you. Much like in real life, I try to have one outfit that will work in multiple situations. In game, it’s called being practical. In RL, it’s called being lazy and/or style deficient.

Hypedown, the PVP Unholy (and occasional Frost) Death Knight wrecking machine, made a discovery recently that allows certain items of PVE gear to be used in PVP situations without it being scaled down. It’s crafted gear too, so with the right mix of professions and elbow grease it’s possible to outfit your character with goodies that will not only be amazing-balls in PVE, but you can jump into PVP and not have to worry about replacing those items.

The rings and necklace Hypedown discusses are primarily for Frost Death Knights, but you can find any of these items with the stats you need for whatever class you play. So peep the video, pick up some knowledge, and go get them upgrades!


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