Frost Death Knight Artifact Quest

Frost Death Knight


Let’s go through some of the obvious bullet points here:

  • I enjoy playing Death Knights.
  • I have several Death Knight characters on my account.
  • I plan on playing a Death Knight in Legion.

Now let’s go through some other factoids.

  • I don’t have access to the Legion alpha.
  • I am okay with this.

Some people might find that last bit kind of odd. But I don’t have the patience for testing, and I certainly don’t want to play a buggy game. I’m okay with waiting until the expansion goes live, and even then I wouldn’t mind waiting a few days just to have things a bit less congested.

Now even though I’m not playing any part of the expansion, I like hearing about things that should be going live when everything is done testing. Things like artifacts, aka the only weapon we’ll be using in Legion.

Bellular released a very impressive video regarding the Lich King Artifact Quest for Frost Death Knights. It was impressive for a couple of reasons. First, the quest looks easy enough to do. Second, the graphics and animations look much better than they do currently.

So check out Bellular’s video – Frost Death Knight Lich King Artifact Quest.

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