Bajheera Discusses Death Knights in Legion



So listen up Rokkstars, let’s all take a breath and not lose our minds for a second. What am I referring to, like, specifically this time? Well, Blizzard has recently outlined the proposed changes to various classes once Legion comes around. Now let’s remember that the beta has not even been launched yet, so some of these changes may not even happen. Let’s also remember that many people are outraged, or confused, because other people are outraged and confused and they themselves don’t know just how earth-shattering these changes might be.

I prefer to have a voice of reason explain these things. I like to hear from someone who not only is knowledgeable, but can speak to me in terms I can understand. Dumb it down for me. I don’t have a PhD in Min-Maxing or Theorycrafting.

Bajheera (@BajheeraWoW on the Twitter), he of PVP and Warcraft Hosting duties, knows a thing or two about Warriors. We all know this. What you may not know is that he’s also pretty well versed when it comes to playing a Death Knight. Witness now while he discusses the upcoming changes to the Death Knight class in Legion. Take it away, Baj!



I think I’m looking forward to playing my Death Knight Deathrokk in Legion. I suspect, should I improve my gaming rig, that I may also try to get onto a raiding team.  Why? Because Death Knight’s Tier 19 armor looks fifty shades of badass.




Is your main class going through updates? Are they good or bad for the class? Let me know in the comments below what class changes you’re looking forward to in Legion!

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