Gold Making Garrison – Patch 6.2.2

Can't have enough gold. Ever.

Can’t have enough gold. Ever.


When you’ve got a fully unlocked garrison, it can take quite 5-10 minutes to run through it and do your chores. If you’ve got 13 characters with 13 garrisons, doing your chores can be the only thing you do during your WoW time. Jeez. Really? This is my gaming life. Chores. Good Lord.

My garrisons are set up in certain ways depending on the server they’re on. My characters are spread across three servers. My eight Horde characters are all on one server, and they are set up to generate passive income. Three Alliance characters are one another server, and two more Alliance on a third server. The two Alliance character-server is the toughest to make “passive” gold on, so the setup on those characters take up more of my time because they need more preparation for gold generation.

So this is the setup I have for those two. Like I said, it takes a few extra minutes per character but it’s worth the gold payoff.

  • Barn (Level 3) – Gives 6 Savage Bloods every 24 hours and 132 Fur as well with a follower like Goldman the Skinner. Feasts also tend to sell quite well.
  • Mine/Herb Garden (Level 3) – Get a follower for each. For the Herb Garden, select a single crop (Frostweed/Gorgrond Flytrap/check your AH) and load up on that.
  • Inn (Level 3) – Customize a new follower each week. This works best with Harrison Jones as a follower to help level these new followers up quickly.
  • Barracks (Level 3) – Grants five more followers, which you’ll need with so many working in your various buildings.
  • War Mill (Level 3) – Gotta get those follower upgrades, which means better missions, and more gold.
  • Jewelcrafting building (Level 3) – The daily quest associated with the building gives you an average of 250-400g per day.
  • Salvage Yard (Level 3) – The greens from the big crates can be sold for transmog, but I tend to just vendor them for easy gold.
  • Storehouse (Level 3) – This can give you up to 36 work orders at once, which is useful only if you don’t log in every day to check on things. Otherwise you could do without this building.

No shipyards still. I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze.

Now let the gold start pouring in.

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