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Hello Internet! Here’s a taste of a FAQ that I recently put together. These aren’t necessarily questions that anyone has asked me. It’s more of what I would imagine people would ask me if they were curious.

Or cared.

Or read my blog at all.  To the FAQ’s!


What’s the deal with your blog?

The deal is this: I’m a casual player. By that I mean my hours are casual; unless I’ve got some days off I’m not even online. But when I log in I do my damndest to make the most of that time. Leveling, getting gear, making gold, these are things that are considered “my jam”. I will therefore take some time and find information to make me more productive.

World of Warcraft seems to swirl around raiding. There’s plenty of sites out there that will explain how a certain class should function in a raid, where to get the gear for raiding, and how to gem/enchant for raiding. There’s fewer sites that tell you how to make enough gold to pay for repairs. Or how to get a new character up to raiding level.

That’s bullshit. Not everyone plays the game solely to raid.

I’m not the only one looking for answers to these “casual” issues. So when I find something, I post it and let others know about it. If I help one person, mission accomplished.


You’re not even posting original content half the time. What gives you deadbeat?

What gives is shut your whore mouth. First, people who post content are most likely not the first person to come across the content they are discussing. So what I’m doing is rehashing rehashed content. I could make my own Youtube video about the topic, but why reinvent the wheel? Second, I don’t like to blindly post stuff without trying it first to see if it works. Your Mileage May Vary, and my mileage is valuable to me. “Farm this spot and make 6000g/hr” might work well on video, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work out in practice. There might be a gear disparity between Average Jane and Youtube Person. Class may make a difference. There are issues to be considered, so I’ll try at least to practice it before I preach it. Oh, and thirdly I’ll give credit where it’s due (if I can, and there’s credit to be had).


But you talk about raiding yourself! Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

My “Alpha to Omega” series is a casual approach to LFR (AKA “tourist mode raiding”). It’s nothing overly difficult, but there are many people who are intimidated by the process. I just want to show that raiding doesn’t have to be an elitist circle-jerk or anything like that. Pay attention, do your best, and don’t be afraid to shit the bed. Do that, and you’re golden.


I read your blog. You have a lot of alts.

I do. Not counting my Alpha to Omega Mage, the swole beast known as Odingreen, I have 13 characters at level 100 and OG’s on the way. Out of those 14 characters, I have three hunters, three warriors, one monk, six death knights, and one mage. Most of those characters are part of a garrison gold-making hydra, which means I log onto the for maybe a minute a day, five minutes on what I call “Salvage Days” (which is when I open all the boxes, crates, and sacks from running garrison missions and vendor whatever falls out). Only a couple of those characters get any kind of serious play, because like I said – I don’t play often.


So there you have it, some Q’s that could have been FA’ed of me. Thanks for taking the time, readers of internet stuffs. Oh, and if someone actually has questions they want to ask me, feel free to ask them in the comments below!


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