Changes to Rokk Talk



There are changes coming to this blog. The first of which is the URL  ( It was either that or pay GoDaddy for the official URL. That may still be coming, but Rokk Talk has been the blog for long enough that it justified some changes.

The next change will be the theme. The idea of the blog isn’t just for me to chat up my toons. No, the idea is for my posts to help people out in some way. If people find them entertaining, great, but first and foremost they should be helpful in some way. Leveling tips, gearing up, making gold, I’m constantly surprised by people who are still asking questions about these topics. I’ve posted plenty of information about these topics. Problem being, it’s not the easiest to find on the site unless you search for it.

So if you’ve found my little World of Warcraft blog, welcome. Welcome to Rokk Talk (soon to be 2.0).

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