Making Gold With Alchemy in Patch 6.2.2


Okay Internet, here’s the deal. It’s no surprise that Warlords of Draenor had its shortcomings. One of which, one that surprised a whole lot of people, is the general shatting on of professions. They really didn’t feel all that important, despite the fact that WoD made it easier than ever to level the damn things up. In fact, there’s no better time to start a new profession since it’s that easy to get it from 1-700.

But that’s not this post. Another post maybe (hey, someone write that down as a post idea) but not this one. This post is about using professions, in this case Alchemy, to make some easy gold with a little flip.

Remember how Alchemy was such a big gold maker in other expansions? Damn, I probably had four characters with alchemy because the transmutes were just raking in the gold. Well in WoD that all went to Hell and generally if people made any coin on Alchemy, it was from raid flasks.

But here’s a little flip you can use to make some straight-up pocket change. You can buy the mats off the AH, or make them yourself to increase your profit. But if the market allows, this is what you want to buy –

  • Alchemical Catalyst (5) < 4.5 gold each
  • True Iron Ore (1) < 2 gold

Combine those to make Draenic Philosopher’s Stone that vendors for 25.31 gold. That may not seem like much, but I hit the AH and doubled my investment in like five minutes.

Credit for this goes to Oldbess (of course) and here’s his video to walk you through the process, if you need some visual aids.

Check out his other profession flip vids and see if there’s a way to really monetize the skills that Blizzard blew off.

That… that sounds kind of dirtier than I intended. Still, use dem skills. Make dat gold.

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