Speed Leveling From 90 to 100

My sixth DK at level cap. Good lord.

My sixth DK at level cap. Good lord.


I’m clearly out of my goddamn mind.

As of this morning, well afternoon actually, I was staggered to realize that I had just leveled my thirteenth character to 100.

Holy. Shit. Really? Damn. Okay, well, this is my post I guess.

I wanted an Alliance DK on another server. Now I could have taken one of my already-capped-and-ready-to-party Horde Death Knights and slapped a faction and server transfer on him. But for an extra five bucks, I could just boost the DK I already had on the server and take some time to cap him out. I already had a few Elixirs of the Rapid Mind, so it wouldn’t take too long to do and it’d give me something to do.

Turns out, it probably would have taken just as long to transfer the character as it would to get the boosted Death Knight to 100. It was crazy fast, is what I’m saying.

Yes, flying has definitely made leveling quicker. I’d torn through the content to powerlevel a hunter from 90-100 already, so I knew what I was doing. With this DK, it wasn’t so much focusing on getting him to 100 as it was making sure I had enough garrison resources to get to a Level Three Garrison. If I had maybe another hour or so, I probably could have done it.

(Edit — Just after I posted this, I found a post on WoW Reddit that mentioned a thing called a Huge Ogre Cache that you can usually buy off the AH, and it rewards ONE THOUSAND GARRISON RESOURCES! So nailing a Level 3 garrison on a fresh 100 is doable if you have the gold.) 

So if you’ve got a toon that is sitting at 90, and you made the effort to get flying, then what the Hell are you waiting for? Just get that thing to 100 and get ready for Legion.

Mad Season Show was good enough to put together a slick guide to help point you in the right direction for getting from 90-100 in under TWO HOURS! So check it out and get leveling.



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