Best Feature in Legion

Exciting, yes?

Now there’s plenty of things to look forward to in World of Warcaft: Legion. At least, there’s plenty of things that Blizzard tells us we can look forward to. But I will reserve judgement on everything until the expansion goes live. There’s been too many features that we were told were coming in an expansion, and then never came. From the capital cities and multiple garrisons in WoD right down to the, yawn, Dance Studio in Wrath of the Lich King (a feature that was listed on the damn box), Blizzard will hold back or outright deny features if they so choose.

On an unrelated note (yeah right) – oh look, Flying in WoD has been moved from patch 6.2.1 to 6.2.2.

Any-dang-way, when I was reading about some of the features that were going to be coming with Legion, I saw one that I was glad to see (and yet still a bit optimistic about) and it’s not even a Legion feature.


  • Garrisons are staying in Draenor. If you want to go back and visit them, you can! They were always designed as something that you would leave in Draenor. The developers may revisit the system with something bigger, better, and different in the future.

That somewhat surprised me, until I saw that they only mentioned visiting the garrisons. They don’t mention the availability of follower missions. I can see them letting players visit their garrisons, since Blizzard pushed the damn things to be like player housing. From monuments to juke boxes, they wanted garrisons to be the one-stop shop so players never had to leave.

Personally I hope they still remain a viable source of gold making. Sure they’ve been nerfed, but I can still pull in 10-15k per week for only a few minutes of work. OP sure maybe, but at least a revenue stream will be one less issue I’ll have to think about when Legion comes around.

Blasphemous I know, but I’d rather have garrisons generating gold than have flight. There I said it.

… something something Demon Hunters look cool sure okay.

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