Garrison Treasure Team

This man knows how to set the bar high.

This man knows how to set the bar high.


When you’re trying to put together a team of Treasure Hunters, you want them to be successful. You want to load your crew with Treasure Hunters who have superior abilities that will bring success. Success that is measured in piles of gold.

So when you go to your Inn and tell your Headhunter that you’re looking to hire Treasure Hunters, how can you tell which of the three prospects will be the best choice? Much like everything else in this game, the awesome number-crunching nerds over at MMO-Champion have tested and calculated which follower abilities are the most effective.

This is what they came up with, from the top down:

Massive Strike: 833.32

Wild Aggression: 666.64

Powerful Spell: 571.65

Timed Battle: 537.47

Minion Swarms: 501.65

Deadly Minions: 470.83

Danger Zones: 444.99

Group Damage: 443.32

Magic Debuff: 302.49

On Tuesday, when you go to the Inn to get another Treasure Hunter, don’t make your selection based on cute names and pretty armor. Pick the prospect that will make you some gold.

Because gold… is good.

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