Bodyguard Reputation Farming

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Bodyguards know about shrinkage, right?

Running around as a Blood Death Knight has certain perks. Things like being nigh unkillable in PVE content as long as I don’t do something incredibly stupid. Bringing along a Bodyguard follower to throw in some deeps isn’t really a bad idea either.

But like any relationship, it takes work. You haven’t built that rapport with your Bodyguard yet, so you’re not getting the best they have to offer. They’re going to hold back a bit. But once you build that bond, they start to open up a bit more.

Unlike a regular relationship, you can fast-track through the courtship phase and get right into them goodies.

I’ve got two places I like to take my Bodyguard to build that bond.

The first, and I think the best, is the Burning Front in Talador. There are little gateways that demons are constantly pouring out of. Just set up in front and start killing. I got the 10k rep to take my Bodyguard reputation from Rank 1 to Rank 2 in 35 minutes. Probably could have gone faster but I was feeling lazy. So I just put on some music and did the damn thing.

ZaFrostPet over on Youtube made a short video about the spot, so enjoy it won’t you?

The second place is in Nagrand. Now this spot is less about grinding rep and more about grinding gold. The respawns are fewer and not quite as fast. But the mobs are higher level, and have a chance to drop some good AH items. Thirty minutes here only got me about 2500 rep, but I probably made around 600 gold in AH stuff and vendor items.

Oldbess has a video that outlines the joys and sorrows of this spot. You should watch it. For reelz.

Those are the two spots I like to use. Do you have any places where you go to grind follower rep?

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  1. My favourite spot was Overlook Ruins in Gorgrond. Lots of grubs, bugs and wasps in the area where Cymre Brightblade is. They also spawn fast enough that you can clear out all four spots before they’ve respawned again.

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