Draenor Pathfinder Achievement

Triple ding baby!

Triple ding baby!

Well the daily “Assault on the Pit” took its sweet-ass time in getting here. But it did. And now, I have an account full of people who will be flying around Draenor.

Oh wait, no they won’t. Most of them will stay right where they are – in their garrison, running missions, making gold. I do have a few alts on the go, but only one of them are in Draenor – and he’s already at level 95. He could easily be 100 by the time patch 6.2.1 goes live.

It’s hard to say what kind of influence flying will have on my game time. It’ll probably help with gathering lumber, for those toons that have the lumber mill and are somewhat resource starved. But as far as going out sightseeing, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

No regrets in getting the meta though. I improve my gear through apexis crystals, finished every zone, saw some cool quests, and ended up with this… thing.

Soaring Skyterror? Uh...

Soaring Skyterror? Uh…

For sure this atrocity won’t see the light of day again after this picture was taken.

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  1. I complete forgot about the mount that comes with the meta. My gnome warlock is into atrocities and abominiations (even though she tries to portray herself as a prim and properly lady).

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