Walk-Away Knockout

Saturday morning, I got home from work and went to Wowhead. I wanted to see which Treasure Contract was up, so I knew when I would be going to sleep. After missing it for weeks, “Treasure Contract – The Artificer” had popped. Even in the comments for this mission, people complained at how infrequent this thing appeared compared to others.

I logged in on all six characters and knocked out the contract. For one character it was the last one needed to get Harrison Jones. Dr Jones is slowly coming home to roost.

Getting this done was as satisfying as a walk-away knockout – dominating a situation so completely that when you beat it, everyone knows that you won. There’s no need for judges to render a decision, or a referee to step in at his discretion. You stepped in and head-kicked adversity, leaving it staring at the lights and maybe drooling a little bit.

Something like this:

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