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Patch 6.2 will be rolled out tomorrow, and that’s going to crack open some new options as far as making gold goes. There’s Felblood that needs to be farmed from Tanaan Jungle. Profession daily mats are getting buffed. The WoW Garrisons website has a great guide that you should check out if you want to actively improve your gold-making garrison, with a dash of farming goodness on top of it.

Me, I prefer a more passive approach to garrison gold making. I’ve got six alts (possibly seven in the near future) that I have to run through to produce gold. I could make more if I really wanted to milk each one, but I just don’t have the time. I prefer to have my garrisons in a “set it and forget it” mode. Log in, collect the mission rewards, send more followers out, log off. Every couple of days I’ll go through and open/vendor the salvage crates. It’s that easy.

Question: Vendor the salvage greens? Why not put them up on the AH and get a slice of that sweet transmog pie?

Answer: Because I lose money every day it doesn’t sell. Sure it might go for ten times the vendor price eventually, but for me I prefer just taking the quick cash out and no loss. With zero effort to get, 5-50g for a simple click of a mouse is sufficient. I’m not greedy.

So for Patch 6.2, this is my set up for almost every character:

  •  Inn/Tavern at Level Three. Treasure Missions are what it’s all about.
  • Barracks at Level Three. It’s simple math: More followers means more missions, which means more rewards. Since rewards = gold, the math speaks for itself.
  • Salvage Yard at Level Three. Salvage crates hold the gold, whether you vendor your greens/blues/purples or put them on the AH.
  • War Mill at Level Two. Gotta gear up those followers!
  • Lumber Mill/Trading Post. Snag one of these if you happen to run low on resources. Trading Post is the quick and easier choice, but since I have a spot where I can pick up a couple hundred logs for the Lumber Mill in maybe fifteen minutes, I’ll use this as well.
  • Followers: Harrison Jones to level everybody up quickly, then load up on Treasure Hunters (10-12), Scavengers (5-6), and a “super group” for getting a better shot at success for the big raid mission rewards (group of three who receive a bonus to success when grouped with certain racial traits).

I do have one character with double gathering professions. If he is going to farm Felblood in Tanaan Jungle, I’ll make sure he has Stables at Level Three so that he gets the mount speed, can’t be dismounted and stunned, and can mine/herb while remaining on the mount. This could be made even more interesting once he gets flying, assuming he’s still doing this by the time Draenor flight is unlocked.

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