Weekly Update – Back to Questing

The blog may be undergoing changes in the next few weeks. Don’t worry Herc, you’ll always have a job ’round these parts.


Counting Coins

The money train seemed to pick up steam this week. I’d like to tell you that it was all due to some smart investments or profitable real estate. But it actually had more to do with leaving the profitable real estate (ie The Garrison). Rokk was nominated to be the team flight monkey, so it was up to him to fill the necessary prerequisites needed for the meta. That meant he would be heading back through most of the Draenor zones (except Frostfire Ridge) to finish off quest lines (and unlocking the applicable Loremaster achievements). He’d also explore what needed exploring for the Exploration achievement. Between cash quest rewards, gear drops, and treasures that he stumbled across (thanks to Handynotes), Rokk brought an extra couple thousand gold to the table all by himself. He still has more quests to do (Spires of Arak and only 12% into the quests of Nagrand), but between what he made this week and what the gold factories churned out, this week’s grand total was 38,344g. That’s potentially two months of free game time in two weeks.

I love garrisons, almost as much I love watching gold pour into the bank. I don’t know what Blizzard plans on nerfing in Patch 6.2, but I hope they don’t touch garrisons very much. Leave my gold garrisons alone!



Like I said, Rokk was tapped this week and started the flight grind. He upgraded the Trading Post to Level Three for the 20% rep bonus. A couple other characters upgraded their Barracks to Level Three for the follower cap increase to 25. Spend money to make money.

Let’s see how I did with last week’s list:

  • Continue working on Harrison Jones missions. (Only need 2-3 more per character.)
  • Decide on a character who will work on getting the meta achievement for flight and start questing and exploring and so on. (Rokk got the nod.)
  • Run more Heroics and get close to LFR raiding. (No time for such shenanigans.)
  • Playing on the Isle of Giants for the mount or pet. (No time for even these shenanigans.)
  • Work on Transmogs. (See above.)
  • Kill elites for gear upgrades. (Nope.)

My focus on the upcoming week:

  •  Finish up some quests and exploration, start on Apexis mission.
  • Start the Tanaan Jungle reps.
  • Harrison Jones missions.
  • Ride out the Patch 6.2 gong show, let the bugs fall where they may.
  • Set the Hearthstone for a couple of characters, putting them in the Laughing Skull village in north Gorgrond (excellent for Lumber Mill).

Nothing overly ambitious going on due to my work schedule. Also, the new patch on Tuesday will probably raise a whole host of issues. There are rumors regarding the patch what may or may not be buffed/nerfed. So it might be a good week to take a “wait and see” approach. Besides, Harrison Jones missions will need to get hit and hit hard (assuming the right ones pop up). This guy has followers to level!


Lessons Learned

What did I learn this week?

  • Going back to finish old quests can be a pretty good way to make gold.
  • Harrison Jones is elusive, but he can’t run forever.
  • Locking flight away behind a meta achievement is a great way to do it, and I hope they use this model for flight in future expansions.

Patch 6.2 will make next week very interesting. I have a feeling there may be some new objectives on my list around this time next week.

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