Operation – Airborne

Apparently this is a flight carrot.

Apparently this is a flight carrot.

Son of a bitch.

Y’know, sometimes I just want to put content up. The quality of information can be hit or miss, depending on the week. Just like WoW, sometimes I have slow weeks. But this week, I had everything all planned out. This post was going to be about prepping for the Draenor Pathfinding achievement for patch 6.2, which is probably happening June 23rd. That didn’t leave me much time if I wanted to be ready.

I’d already skimmed “How to unlock flying in Draenor” by Wowhead. I’d gone through my top three characters, trying to figure out which one was going to be the one I’d do the achievement with. I went through each character, comparing not only their iLevel but their degree of completion as well as how much fun they were to play. There was math, screenshots, personal reflection. I was going to weigh the pros and cons of each character and their class. It would have been a good post.

Then I read the Wowhead article and saw that I had missed a line when I read it initially:

Draenor Pathfinder will be account-wide, so you can complete the following segments below on different characters!

So… I didn’t have to choose?


Back to the drawing board.

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