Weekly Update



What have I been up to this week? Well…

Counting Coins

See, now this is the problem with shift work. When you work nights, your body can’t process what the Hell you’re doing to it. Your brain wants to be sleeping, but instead it’s swimming in caffeine for way, way too long. This leads the brain to do all sorts of silly things. Things like upgrade garrison buildings, for example. I used some of the amassed gold from the week to upgrade some of the shacks. This was a mistake in the grand scheme of things. For example, I upgraded a War Mill to Level Three. All that did was give me a daily with a reward of either a weapon or armor upgrade for a follower. A bit of a waste, given the cost.

Now what I should be doing is upgrading the Barracks to Level Three. This will raise the follower cap from 20 to 25. More followers, more missions, more gold. But a few of my characters aren’t even at the follower cap yet so there’s no point in upgrading their barracks.

Still, Friday being the end of the week and all I decided to count coins and see how much I made, even after the random building upgrades.

Lo and behold, my total for the week turned out to be 23,648gp! That extra garrison is clearly paying off.



Like I said in a previous post, in the past month I’ve gone from having zilch on my to do list, to being completely swamped. Since I’ve been working nights, my WoD time has been limited to maybe an hour or so per day. I’d worked on the lumber mill to build resources on some characters, tried to build a super team of followers, and banged out some Harrison Jones missions to get ever so much closer to having him as my official follower powerleveler.

One night, my zombie brain thought it would be a good idea to get a Laughing Skull Orc mask for one of the crew. Gold and resources were spent on a Level Two trading post. Now with flying being a thing again, and unlocking it will involve three rep grinds, getting that post to Level Three is a good idea. The only issue is that I don’t know who will be working on unlocking flight. I may have to get another trading post.

So for the upcoming week, I need to:

  • Continue working on Harrison Jones missions.
  • Decide on a character who will work on getting the meta achievement for flight and start questing and exploring and so on.
  • Run more Heroics and get close to LFR raiding.
  • Playing on the Isle of Giants for the mount or pet.
  • Work on Transmogs.
  • Kill elites for gear upgrades.

Not enough hours in a day. Or week.


Lessons Learned

Let’s see, what did I learn this week?

  •  I need Harrison Jones in my life.
  • Custom groups are awesome. I’ve used them to get Harrison Jones quests when I didn’t have any in my own garrison. I’ve also used them to jump realms and farm trees for stacks of timber.
  • In a way, leveling quickly was a burden since I now have to go back and do old content that I tore apart a few times before. All that just for flight.

Never a dull moment.

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