Gold Garrison Buildings


In World of Warcraft, gold is my game.

I’ve got six Horde garrisons that are cranking out a decent amount of gold for me. Surprisingly, there’s quite a bit involved in getting every coin possible out of each garrison, which has been my game-within-the-game. I’d let my garrisons lapse for far too long, which means I’ve been letting easy gold slip between my fingers.

Bullshit on that ever happening again.

I’ve peeped various sites to see if I’d missed something as far as efficiently building a Garrison Gold Factory. It turns out that while I have the meat and potatoes down in each garrison, there’s a couple other buildings I could be adding to improve the overall gold-making potential:

  • Inn: Yeah, kind of a no-brainer. At Level Two, you can cherry pick followers with the traits you want (like Treasure Hunters and more Treasure Hunters). At Level Three you unlock  the Treasure Hunting missions, and I don’t need to explain the gold-making benefits of something with “Treasure” in the title.
  • Barricks: By default, you’re limited to 20 followers. Since more missions means more gold, you want to get your Barricks to Level Three to increase your hard limit to 25 followers.
  • War Mill: It is important to equip your followers as fast as possible. Having a War Mill at Level Three will give you those upgrades, but at a cost of scraps of iron. Level Two should suffice.
  • Lumber Mill: These cost gold to upgrade (but no garrison resources). By gathering wood for work orders it will generate garrison resources. You could also use the Trading Post to do this as well, but given the choice between these two I would lean towards the Lumber Mill.  The reagent for the Trading Post work orders may be accessible from your garrison, but they’re random. The Lumber Mill work orders take wood. No random guesswork involved.
  • Storehouse: This ties in with the Lumber Mill and War Mill. A Storehouse at Level Three will increase the number of work orders you can do. The more work orders means more resources (via the Lumber Mill), which means more follower upgrades (via the War Mill).
  • Salvage Yard: Another building that should be upgraded to Level Three. Better drops which can be sold (AH or vendor) for more gold.

Are there other buildings that could be used to make gold? Sure, probably. But these six have a synergy that makes the overall gold-making potential that much stronger.

It’s all about the loot, baby.

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