How Long Will Garrisons Last


Gotta make hay while the sun shines.

“But despite the fact many of us have developed a fondness for our Garrisons, Hazzikostas suggested we may not want to get too involved as there’s no guarantee it’ll be kept running when the next expansion rolls around.”

Uncle Ion gave this interview back in January of this year. Back then, we were still being teased with the possibility of flying at some point to be determined, and the three million subscribers who have left WoW weren’t newsworthy yet.  Also, much to the delight of the developers I’m sure, people still enjoyed garrisons.

Now people feel that garrisons are chores, work, and a pain in the ass.

Not me though. For me, garrisons are a super easy way to make gold. I just wish I had put the pieces together sooner. I’d probably be gold-capped by now.

But therein lies the issue. I am by no means what you’d call a “smart man.” I’m not the only one who uses garrisons strictly to generate gold. Granted, the amount of gold a person makes depends on things like how many alts are being used as gold generators. But it’s not unhead of to have a single character’s garrison generate two to three thousand gold a week. That’s eight to ten thousand gold a month! Ten thousand gold for maybe five minutes of work a day!

There are other ways to make gold, and some of them can net you more gold than a garrison. The difference being the time invested and the net reward. Farming raids takes time, and even if you sell every drop you still have to put in the work. Garrisons give you a sweet payout without having to invest a whole bunch of time to it.

That’s why I can’t see Blizzard allowing garrisons to exist beyond this expansion. It’s too easy to earn gold with them. Having players thick with gold works to their benefit (see WoW Tokens) but it would keep people out of the new content if it were allowed to continue.

Patch 6.2 is going to introduce a shipyard into the mix, obtainable only via a Level Three garrison. But once 6.2 drops I’ve got a feeling that it also signals the beginning of the end for garrison gold. Until I receive my eviction notice, my game will continue to consist of maximizing the gold making aspect of garrisons (Treasure Hunters, Harrison Jones) for as long as I can. I may not reach gold cap, but I’d like to be in the realm of throw away cash before Blizzard pulls the plug.

Baller, yo.

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