Making Gold In WoD – Patch 6.1

This is Warlords of Draenor. The expansion that asks the important question: “Who needs flying? Are you too lazy to walk across your own garrison? Y’know, since nobody leaves their garrison anymore.”

True story too. The recent patch 6.1 now gives you even more reasons to stay inside your garrison – from a Juke Box (to change the mood music while you mine/herb) to World Bosses who come right to your door (dude don’t step on my stable). Fight the good fight without ever leaving the comfort of your cushy home away from home. Aren’t we supposed to be waging a war against the Iron Horde?

Now about gold. What of gold? Turns out, Patch 6.1 just made it easier to earn gold without having to leave your garrison. The life of a shut-in just got a whole lot more profitable, and Bellular will tell you how to cash in.

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