Pandaren Pet Tamer Dailies

They say that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I can only assume that “they” are budding serial killers who are still at the “animal torture” stage, and you’d probably do well by putting Mister Cuddles down and not taking the advice of crazy people who want to graduate from skinning cats to wearing your skin as a coat.

Speaking of cats (smooth segue btw — Editor)…

My OG Hunter had a busy, non-Valentine related weekend. First, for the low low price of 30,000gp he picked up a new title which, I guess, could be Valentine related:


He really hearts Cats. For reelz.

To celebrate his new title, he decided to pick fights with some Pandaren tamers. Then, for good measure, he hunted down the last few pets that had eluded him in Pandaria and added them to his collection.


With all that goodness behind him, he’s almost at level 91. You’d think he’d be more than ready for Draenor. He is, of course, but there’s still a few more achievements to get in Azeroth. Might as well clean up those loose ends before heading to another planet to start trouble (with their battle pets and tamers). Mind you, if he’s sticking around, he should get as much xp as he can. Like, by running the Pandaren Tamer dailies in his spare time.

More leveling on old content? Why live in the past? First, shut up. Second, there’s a few reasons to use the Pandaren Tamer Dailies.

– He can use this to level up more battle pets to use or sell (did I mention the 30k gold hit I took?)
– It’s the only way to get xp buff food for battle pets.
– Eleven tamers (including the pandaren spirits) x approx. 13000xp per = 143000 xp in under an hour is not too shabby.
– It may be old, but it’s new content for me. AKA avoiding leveling burnout.

There are plenty of ways to defeat the tamers. World of Warpets created this speed run of the Pandaren Tamers, with tips on how to beat them and what pets to use. It’s an old video, and there’s probably better pets to use. But it gives you a good starting point for developing your own strategies.

Now Andrej Petrovskiy, his video is a bit newer but does the same job.

Notice how both videos approach the battles as a two-pet fight, with the third pet kicking around for leveling? Pet boosting is standard operating procedure, and the last thing I want to do is to violate a good SOP.

I’m not sure if I have the level 25 battle pets to pull this off. I may have to powerlevel a few, but it’ll be worth it.

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