Leorajh the Bodyguard

I thought he'd be... bigger.

I thought he’d be… bigger.

I never really thought I needed a Bodyguard. Especially a spiritual one.

The whole Bodyguard issue wasn’t one I’d considered. None of my characters needed protection – they were either melee dps (and therefore used to getting hit in the grill) or they were ranged dps with a pet (ie Hunters). They either did not need to have an extra body to keep them alive, or they had their own.

Also, to have a Bodyguard follower you needed to have a Level 2 Barracks in your garrison. So the character had to be about level 96 to even qualify to have a Bodyguard to start with. Not to mention having a follower with the Bodyguard trait, and there are only a few that do.

So why was I now suddenly determined to get a bodyguard for a level 100 character? And a bodyguard who was a Resto Shammy to boot?

One word: Windspeaker.

The character in question is my Belf Hunter, who is also going to be my bank alt/mule. To optimize her gold-making potential, I wanted to make sure she had both profession buildings and a salvage building. This would ensure that for the remainder of the expansion, she could make Darkmoon cards and enchants – both excellent gold-makers. Same with the Salvage Yard. She could sell the greens, DE them, or post them up on the AH for transmog cash. She’d also get gear for herself, as well as for her followers.

This also meant that she would have to hearth to Ashran to use the AH and bank. Not a big deal, right? One hearthstone for Ashran, and one for the Garrison. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do everything in one spot? Bank, AH, and run garrison missions? I could do it by spending thousands of gold, hundreds of garrison resources, and endless hours farming the components for the AH robot in the Trading post.

Or I could level up rep with Leorajh until he was rank three with my Belf. At rank three, Leorajh unlocks the ability called Windspeaker, allowing him to grant my Belf access to garrison missions in the field.

Handy. Very handy.

Okay, since this dude isn’t about to just waltz into the garrison looking for work, you have to find him. HeelvsBabyface produced this great video which explains where to find this elusive shaman, and what you need to do (kill) to get him as a follower.

Now that he’s a follower, it’s time to start the rep grind. Youtuber Tommy J produced a video that pointed out four locations to farm bodyguard rep fairly quickly. At ten rep per kill, ten thousand rep per rank, you’re looking at two thousand kills. It’d be nice to be able to do that fairly quickly.

Here’s Tommy’s picks –

A little bit of work to make garrison life easier. Maybe this Bodyguard thing isn’t so bad after all.

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