Tips for Dining Out

Diet be damned, this thing will wreck your colon.

Diet be damned, this thing will wreck your colon.

There’s nothing worse than paying someone to wreck your healthy diet.

We all like dining out. There’s a fun social aspect of a group of people getting together and sharing a meal. Also, fewer dishes to do (unless you can’t pay for the meal, in which case you’re in for an entirely different social experience).

But for those who are trying to lose weight (or just eat healthier), it can be a little intimidating. You spend all week making your own meals, in full control of what you’re putting in your body, and one trip to the restaurant can undo so much of your progress it’ll knock you on your ass.

So what can you do if you find yourself heading to a guild meetup at a restaurant (for example) and you’re starting to feel tense about what that food is going to do to you? Well fear not. Lunden (of Runtastic Fitness fame) has some tips for dining out without messing up your diet:

1. Just say no to bread (including chips and salsa).
2. Plan ahead and check the menu online.
3. If you’re going somewhere that serves big portion sizes or serves calorie dense food, ask for a “to go” box right away.
4. Avoid anything creamy or fried.
5. If you’re ordering a salad, get oil and vinegar on the side.

In her video, she goes into much more detail explaining each of these tips. So you should probably watch it. Or not. Y’know, up to you. I’m just opening the door here.

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