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Some of you may have noticed a bit of a lapse in my blogging lately. No health tips, gaming videos, or rants about the latest World of Warcraft catastrophes (RIP WoW Insider).

I’ve got a limited play schedule, so it’s not like I’ve got more than a few hours a day to get my WoW on and then write about it. Not with World of Garrisoncraft and the various checkboxes I need to tick for every character, every day, before I get to anything not involved with the garrison. That takes time, and time comes in a finite quantity in my house.

Over the past few days, my game time had solely been devoted to Her – my Blood Elf Hunter.

I posted about Her a few days ago. She was just an alt that I wanted to level up to get some use out of her professions. I wasn’t looking for anything serious. She was just a fling, someone to kill time with and have a little fun.

Who knew She would become so high maintenance? Blood Elf stereotypes exist for a reason.

I was really having fun with Her. About halfway to 100 I decided that She was going to be my main bank alt. Her job would be threefold:

1) Earn gold daily by sending Her followers on Treasure Hunter missions.
2) Create enchants, glyphs, and Darkmoon Faire cards to generate income for the remainder of the expansion.
3) Hearth to Ashran for AH duties once per day.

This led to a few issues.

Treasure Hunter missions were unlocked after obtaining a Level 3 Inn/Tavern. To get the Level 3 blueprint, the achievement “Stay Awhile and Listen” has to be completed. This involves completing a number of dungeon quests. Some of the quests can be done on Normal, some on Heroic. I wasn’t looking forward to living through dungeon queues so I went to Wowhead to see if there was a less painful way to get this done.

My research showed that only half of the quests needed to be completed. It also showed that the missions rewarded between 50-100 gold. Was that worth the effort of spending 30-45 minutes in a queue? I could sell the green drops from the War Mill and make coin quicker. Therefore, Treasure Missions (and the Level 3 Inn) were taken off the books.

Another alternative for making gold “in-house” would be by using the Pet Menagerie, as I discussed in a previous post. If my Belf was going to be a shut-in, She was damn well going to be a profitable one.

This left the matter of garrison followers. She really didn’t have many. The curse of leveling up so damn fast. Not only did She need a full roster of twenty (or twenty-five with an upgraded bunker), but She would also need some to work the Mine, Herb Garden, and Inscription hut to improve production.

It was time to head back out into Draenor to find more followers. Luckily, Bellular would have plenty of Follower advice to give.

Looks like my Lady and I will be out killing and maiming for a little while longer.

I just can’t quit Her.

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