Seven Minute Workout


People who claim they don’t have time for things are probably not looking hard enough.

It’s excuses, really. It is easier to come up with reasons to do things – or more often, not do things – than to actually do/not do the thing that we do or don’t want to do.

Follow me? Great!

I have found a workout that takes seven minutes to do. It can be done (and has been done) by beginners and Crossfitters and Marathon runners. It has even been reported on by none other than the NY Times.

The workout itself takes zero special equipment. No fancy weights, bands, or gear. All you need is a wall, a chair, a method to keep track of time, and your body. That’s it. It’s a workout that can be done first thing in the morning when you wake up, or while waiting for a Heroic dungeon queue (if you’re a DPS class of course).

It’s scientifically designed, easy to do, and can be repeated if you want more of a workout. I’ll let Lunden Souza, of Runtastic Fitness fame, tell you all about it.

There. You have now just lost another excuse as to why you can’t work out. You’re welcome.

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