Unlocking the Pet Menagerie in WoD

Gotta catch 'em... uh, what?

Gotta catch ’em… uh, what?

Because, you see, what the World (of Warcraft) needs more of is Battle Pets. So, so many Battle Pets.

Master Rokk here. I’ll freely admit that I’ve done my fair share of pet battles. Many of those battles were for leveling pets because I get these headaches when I see achievements that are almost but not quite finished. Also, a leveled battle pet can sell for a couple hundred extra sheckles than your basic level one pet. Not to mention using pet battles as a way to level characters when the process of questing is about as satisfying as making out with your sister – sure you get to second base, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST?!

So, yeah, pet battles.

This expansion being the World of Garrisons, and Blizzard finding some sick amusement in encouraging characters to be the shut-ins the players running them have become, of course they’re going to have some kind of pet battle function associated with the garrison. Because obviously.

Kephas has created a video that shows you the easiest way to unlock the pet menagerie in your garrison. So for all you Ash’s and Brock’s and various poke-battlers, check out the video and let your pet freak flag fly!

Apparently once you level this thing up, your battle pets can walk around your garrison. As if there wasn’t enough poop issues with followers, guards, workers, and only like two outhouses. It’s a good thing you can’t tame a full-sized mammoth is what I’m saying here.

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