Making Gold With Battle Pets in WoD

When cuteness kills.

Behind that cute smile lies a beast that will eat your skin.

Master Rokk here. Today’s topic is somewhat foreign to me, both in the “making gold” and the “battle pets” sense. Here in the World of Garrisoncraft I can send followers out to bring back gold for me. Sure it’s not a fortune, but it’s not like I’m spending money on gear repairs. And battle pets? The only battle pets I need are affectionately known as Mister Fist and Mister Feet, with Sir Headbutt thrown in the mix should the need arise.

But Zumio, he’s got a plan. And color me shocked, it involves the garrison. But it also makes a nice chunk of change, and therefore it is worth a listen. Or watch, since he made a video outlining his strategy.

Oh, and Happy New Year.

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