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Meet the head of my HR department.

Meet the head of my HR department. Complaints are dealt with painfully.

As you can see, my HR department is as ugly as life without garrison resources.

Master Rokk here. Garrison resources are the lifeblood of garrison life. You need them as currency for various items, but more importantly you need them for garrison follower missions. Now these missions are important because they provide gear, gold, and XP without ever having to leave the comfort of your fur-lined comfy chair. So it’s important that you send out your followers as often as you can.

The problem comes when you start to run low on resources. Your garrison chest can provide you with six per hour, but when you’re sending ten to twenty followers out every couple of hours at ten to twenty five resources a pop, those reserves just can’t keep up. I used the Headhunter at my Inn to find me three followers with the Scavenger perk, which doubles the amount of resources retrieved on garrison resource missions. Unfortunately those missions seemed to have run dry. I haven’t had one for days. Plus, with the glut of followers I have I may be forced to lay off my Scavengers. We live in tough times.

Bellular came through with a video to help people, like me, who are in need of resources. It’s good when you need a bump. A little something to get you going. Like coffee for your garrison, but without the barrista chatter. What the Hell is a barrista anyway? I’ll stop now – I may have one working for me. I can’t keep track of all these people running around my garrison. I’d rather not offend any of my employees. I’d like to avoid having to sit in on another nasty meeting with HR. He likes to throw things. Like, horses and large stones kinds of things.

Anyway, here’s the video:

Zumio offered a rather unique method of rounding up resources with a little ingenuity. Well, actually it’s more like Engineerity. Shut up, I know that’s not a word.

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