Qelric’s Apexis Crystals Guide

Apexis Crystals. Turns out these are actually good for something.

Master Rokk here. These darn crystals were becoming a pain in my side. Mainly because I was getting them as work order rewards and I just kept jamming them in my pocket, wondering if I should vendor them or just toss them in the trash.

Turns out that they are considered a form of currency in Draenor. Which is a relief, because my pockets were getting pretty heavy. I had to double cinch my belt just to keep my pants up. And you can’t deliver a crushing jade tornado with your pants down. Apparently the authorities don’t think too highly of that kind of shenanigans, even if it does happen to be your birthday and you were a little too full of the pandaren punch at the time.

Once again, Qelric the Undying was more than happy to whip up a video that explains exactly what these crystals can be used for. And while you watch the video, I’m going to empty my pockets and see what else I might have in there that I could use for currency.

Let’s see… Hair, leather scraps, a toenail for some strange reason. Anybody want to give me something for the toenail? Anyone? One toenail with what looks to be teeth marks OKAY THAT’S JUST DISGUSTING!

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  1. This time if year I get a lot of emails, but by far my favorite email is one telling me you’ve written another post.

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