Fight The Plague


If you are reading this and you are not fighting off a nasty cold that aches you all over, get into a bubble. From what I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook, you are in the minority. This plague is everywhere.

Nobody likes being sick, especially now that the holiday season is beating down the door. Last minute Christmas shopping, decorating, cooking, the list of things to do goes on and on. The last thing anyone wants is to be laid out, no energy, leaking from every orifice in the face, and having to go to the store to buy gifts.

I blew my nose in my shopping list.

I blew my nose in my shopping list.

I’ve got the bug as well, but I’m finding myself getting through it with minimal discomfort. This is what I’m doing, and if you’re suffering this this cold bug then maybe it can help you too.

  • Vitamin C – Take 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day, in divided doses (e.g. 500 milligrams four times a day). I take the chewables, because I am a big child and like Orange Candy. That quantity might seem like alot, but don’t worry. You can’t overdose on Vitamin C. If you take more than your body can handle, you’ll just, uh, excrete the extra.
  • Rest – The reason you feel wiped out when you are sick is because your body is taking all of your energy and using it to try and fight off the virus that is making you sick. Get plenty of rest. Even if you are generally an active person, throttle back. Rest now, and you’ll be back on your feet sooner than if you try to muscle through it. Speaking of which…
  • Stay Home – This is not Wrath of the Lich King. Nobody finds it fun or cool to try and spread the plague by running into a crowded area and spewing disease. If you’re sick, take a day to sleep and drink orange juice.
  • Stay Hydrated – Water, juice, tea, whatever it is just keep your fluids up. Your body will need them.
  • Hot Shower – Not only will this help with the body aches, but the steam will loosen your plugged nasal passages and moistens your mucous membranes. Steam the snot loose!
  • Follow those simple suggestions and you should be back on your feet in time to listen to your drunk uncle drone on about his swollen prostate over Christmas dinner.

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