WoD Legendary Ring

I’ve read on twitter (@Rokkfu for those not in the know) that many people out there are floored with a nasty cold that seems to be making its rounds across the globe. Turns out that I am not immune to this virus, which means that either a) my jet-flyin’, limousine ridin’ ways are catching up to me, or b) this virus is taking steroids and I demand that it be piss-tested immediately.

In any case, between that and us being short-handed at work (which necessitates me being there), my blog posts have been somewhat less than what they used to be. Couple that with the fact that I don’t have a whole bunch of playtime and it’s hard to come up with content because I’m still going through it.

But I have seen the future, and it is a ring. A Legendary Ring. The first Legendary anything I might actually attempt to get my hands on, or in this case, get on my hands. Once again, Bajheera provides knowledge to go with that beard. Today, that knowledge is the Quest for the Legendary Ring.

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