WoD Garrison Guide

Warlords of Draenor sucks.

I say this because I feel like I’m in the minority. Most other people have like four hours an evening to play WoW. They bang out ten levels like it’s nothing and have their garrisons running like clockwork factories. Me, I feel as productive as sticking my dick in a fan.

I advise against that, by the way. However, if you feel the need to do so, I’m sure the gene pool would appreciate your efforts.

When I log in, I am all business. I don’t chat in guild. I don’t even read guild chat (so if someone has said hello to me when I logged in, I apologize for ignoring you). I have maybe an hour to play, so there’s no social foreplay. I just get at it. Hence the lack of blog posts.

When I first logged into WoD, I started the intro quests to get my garrison up and running. After that, I did quest chains and tried to figure out what the Hell my leveling guide was trying to tell me. Eventually I finished off the Frostfire Ridge quests and realized that I didn’t know what was going on (Read quests? Watch cinematics? WTF?). I decided just to continue the aggressive blitz to level and unlock more features of my garrison. However, what was I going to unlock? Sure I’d read guides, but once I was knee-deep in the resources I blacked out.

Bellular posted a nice garrison guide that I will probably follow. It covers different garrison builds, as well as tips for helping you put the damn thing together in the first place.

Now if only I had a few hours a day to play.

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