Blizzcon 2014 Opening Ceremony Announcements

Oh.  Right.

Since my Virtual Ticket is shitting the bed (or, more accurately, my iPhone) I’m relying on Twitter to update me.

So far:

Mike Morehaime addressed GamerGate and tells the players to take back the community with understanding and tolerance.
Heroes of the Storm will have a closed beta January 13th. It will include Thrall, Jaina, Karina, and the Lost Vikings.
Hearthstone will have a new engineering expansion – Goblins vs Gnomes – which will launch next month!
Starcraft will have a new addition to the family: Legacy of the Void. It will be a standalone game, no previous expansion required.
– Blizzard announced Overwatch, their new IP. Team based shooter.

So far, so crazy! Blizzcon 2014!!

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