Patch 6.0 Warrior Changes


The class changes for Patch 6.0.2 just keep rolling. Here’s what they’ve done to the Warrior class, courtesy of Sentry Totem.

Ability Pruning
See the Ability Pruning section above for discussion of why we’re pruning class abilities. For Warriors, we focused on removing abilities that were redundant, and making some tweaks to their rotations.

– Berserker Stance has been removed.
– Cleave has been removed.
– Colossus Smash is now available only to Arms Warriors.
– Deep Wounds is now available only to Protection Warriors.
– Demoralizing Banner has been removed.
– Flurry has been removed.
– Mocking Banner is now available only to Protection Warriors.
– Mortal Strike now replaces Heroic Strike for Arms Warriors.
– Rallying Cry is no longer available to Protection Warriors.
– Recklessness is now available only to Fury and Arms Warriors.
– Shield Wall is now available only to Protection Warriors.
– Throw has been removed.
– Thunder Clap is no longer available to Fury Warriors.
– Whirlwind is now available only to Arms and Fury Warriors.

Ability Consolidation and Refinement
– Battle Shout now lasts 1 hour and no longer generates Rage.
– Blood and Thunder’s effects have been merged into baseline Deep Wounds for Protection Warriors.
– Charge no longer generates Rage when charging against a non-player target multiple times in a row. Charge will still always generate Rage when used against other players.
– Commanding Shout now lasts 1 hour and no longer generates Rage.
– Defensive Stance now reduces damage taken by 20% (down from 25%).
– Demoralizing Shout now lasts 8 seconds (down from 10 seconds).
– Last Stand now lasts 12 seconds(down from 20 seconds).
– Shield Wall now lasts 8 seconds (down from 12 seconds).
– Single-Minded Fury’s effects have been merged into Crazed Berserker.
– Titan’s Grip’s effects have been merged into Crazed Berserker.
– Crazed Berserker now increases all damage by 30% (up from 20%) while using one-handed weapons.
– Hamstring now costs 10 Rage and deals 20% weapon damage, in addition to the movement speed slow.
– Meat Cleaver’s effects have been merged into baseline Whirlwind for Fury Warriors.
– Seasoned Soldier now increases damage by 10% (down from 15%).
– Sword and Board’s effects have been merged into baseline Devastate.
– Thunder Clap now costs 10 Rage, and also reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies by 50% for 6 sec.
– Ultimatum’s effects have been merged into baseline Shield Slam.

Stance Changes
Warriors have always had stances; they’re very important to the feeling of being a Warrior. In order to make stances more meaningful, and ease keybinds, we made stances have their own action bars, and re-added stance restrictions on abilities. However, we also made it so that you’ll automatically be shifted into the appropriate stance if you try to use an ability that isn’t usable in your current stance. One important difference between this and previous incarnations of Warrior stances is that these abilities are rotational, not utility cooldowns. Stances are now more for different gameplay modes (dealing damage vs. tanking). There shouldn’t be cases where you find yourself swapping stances, use an ability, and then immediately swapping back.

– Warrior Stances now once again have their own action bars.
– Attempting to use an ability that requires a different stance will now automatically switch to that stance.
– Colossus Smash now requires Battle Stance.
– Recklessness now requires Battle Stance.
– Sweeping Strikes now requires Battle Stance.
– Shield Barrier is now available for all Warrior specializations (was Protection only) and requires Defensive Stance.
– For Arms and Fury Warriors, Shield Barrier can be used without a shield.

Arms Changes
We wanted to fix a few problems with Warriors. Prominently, we still weren’t happy with Arms’ rotation (and neither were many players), so we’ve made some more changes. The goal is to remove needless complexity while simultaneously adding more depth. As mentioned in the above section on Ability Pruning, Overpower and Heroic Strike have been removed for Arms Warriors.

In addition, we weren’t satisfied with the Mastery for Arms. The intended flavor for Arms is about hitting with few, big, and heavy weapon strikes. Strikes of Opportunity actually went opposite of that, adding frequent little hits. We’ve replaced Strikes of Opportunity with a new Mastery which accentuates their intended design.

– Battle Stance for Arms Warriors now generates 115% more Rage from auto-attacks and Critical Strikes now generate double Rage.
– Defensive Stance for Arms Warriors now generates 50% as much Rage from auto-attacks as in Battle Stance.
– Arms Warriors now generate Rage from taking auto-attack damage. Each 1% of health taken as damage will generate 1 Rage, up to 5 Rage per hit.
– Mastery: Strikes of Opportunity has been removed, and replaced with a new ability, Mastery: Weapons Master.
– Mastery: Weapons Master increases the damage of Colossus Smash, Mortal Strike, and Execute abilities by 28% (increasing with Mastery).
– Colossus Smash now costs 20 Rage, deals 225% increased damage, and no longer increases the damage of Slam.
– Enrage is no longer available to Arms Warriors.
– Execute for Arms Warriors now costs 10 Rage, and consumes up to 30 additional Rage to deal additional damage.
– Mortal Strike now costs 20 Rage (instead of generating 10 Rage).
– Overpower has been removed. Arms Warriors should now use Rend and Whirlwind instead.
– Rend is a new ability for Arms Warriors.
– Rend causes bleed damage over 18 seconds, and a final burst of bleed damage when the effect expires. Costs 5 Rage.
– Slam has been removed. Arms Warriors should now use Rend and Whirlwind instead.
– Sweeping Strikes now costs 10 Rage (down from 30 Rage).
– Sudden Death has been removed.
– Unbridled Wrath has been removed.
– Whirlwind now costs 20 Rage for Arms Warriors.

Burst Damage Cooldowns
As with other classes, we wanted to reduce cooldown stacking. Cutting Skull Banner did a ton to help that across the whole game. But for Warriors specifically, we needed to make further changes, including merging some of the personal benefit of Skull Banner back into Recklessness. Also, to make up for Throw being removed, we modified Heroic Throw to be more frequently usable.

– Heroic Throw is now a high-threat ability, generating 300% extra threat, has a 6-second cooldown (down from 30 seconds), but now has a 15 yard minimum range.
– Recklessness now increases Critical Strike chance by 15% (down from 30%) and increases Critical Strike damage by 10% (up from 0%).
– Shattering Throw no longer reduces the armor of the target; it only does damage and breaks immunities.
It also is no longer learned via any specialization, but instead through a new Major Glyph, Glyph of Shattering Throw.

Haste for Warriors
Haste has long been a problematic stat for Warriors, usually being of little value. As part of our commitment to ensuring all secondary stats are valuable (except Bonus Armor for non-tanks and Spirit for non-healers, of course), we’re making a significant change to Warriors, to ensure that Haste has strong, competitive value. We’re giving all Warriors a new passive, which lets haste affect their global cooldown, and the cooldowns of their very-short-cooldown rotational abilities.

Headlong Rush is a new passive ability for Warriors:
– Headlong Rush: Haste reduces global cooldown and the cooldowns of Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, Shield Slam, and Thunder Clap.

Protection Changes
Protection Warriors have received a few notable changes. First, we removed Dodge and Parry from gear, and expect Protection Warriors to value Haste and Critical Strike as important secondary stats. In order to achieve that, we made Riposte give defensive value to Critical Strike. The aforementioned Headlong Rush also helps for valuing Haste.

– Mastery: Critical Block now increases critical block chance by 12% (down from 17.6%).
– Blood Craze is a new passive ability for Protection Warriors.
– Blood Craze causes Multistrike auto attacks to trigger a Blood Craze, which regenerates 3% of the Warrior’s health over 3 seconds. When this effect is refreshed, the remaining duration is added to the new effect.
– Riposte has been redesigned.
– Riposte now gives the Warrior Parry equal to their Critical Strike bonus from gear.
– Shield Block now regenerates a new charge every 12 seconds (up from every 9 seconds).
– Unwavering Sentinel no longer increases Armor, but now also reduces the chance for attacks to be parried by 3%. (See also: Hit and Expertise Removal.)

Talent Changes
A few Warrior talents also were in need of revision. First, Second Wind was problematic; it was sometimes too weak, and sometimes too strong. We chose to change it from a passive health regeneration effect to the new Leech effect, so that low-health Warriors have to maintain combat in order to benefit, instead of kiting, hiding, or otherwise playing defensively. Enraged Regeneration was changed to account for the removal of Enrage from Arms.

The level-45 talent row was removed for crowd-control disarmament reasons, and also wanted to allow you to choose more rotational complexity through talents. We replaced the row with new talents, many of which are specialization-specific, giving you a variety of playstyle choices for your Warrior.

For the level-60 and level-90 Talent rows, certain combinations were proving problematic. We decided that Stormbolt would better compete with Shockwave and Dragon Roar, and that Bladestorm would better compete with Avatar and Bloodbath, so swapped Stormbolt and Bladestorm’s positions. We also adjusted the effects of a few talents in order to make them more competitive with the talents on their row.

– Bladestorm is now a level-90 Talent, swapping places with Stormbolt.
– Bladestorm no longer allows use of Shouts except Demoralizing Shout while active. It does still allow the use of Taunt, Enraged Regeneration, Shield Wall, and Last Stand.
– Enraged Regeneration now heals for 100% more but the amount healed is no longer increased by being Enraged.
– Dragon Roar’s damage is no longer reduced when hitting more than 1 target.
– Mass Spell Reflection’s cooldown has been reduced to 30 seconds, but it now replaces Spell Reflection.
– Second Wind no longer directly heals the Warrior while active. Instead, Second Wind grants the Warrior 10% Leech while active, which causes the Warrior to heal for 10% of all damage and healing done by the Warrior while active.
– Stormbolt is now a level-60 Talent, swapping places with Bladestorm.
– Staggering Shout has been removed and replaced with 3 new talents that vary by specialization.
– Arms: Taste for Blood: Each time Rend deals damage, gain 3 Rage.
– Fury: Furious Strikes: Wild Strike costs 25 less Rage.
– Protection: Heavy Repercussions: Shield Slam deals 30% additional damage while Shield Block or Shield Charge is active.
– Piercing Howl has been removed and replaced with a new talent, Sudden Death.
– Sudden Death causes auto-attack hits to have a 10% chance to make the next Execute free and useable on any target, regardless of health level. These Executes do not consume additional Rage to deal additional damage.
– Piercing Howl is now available to all Fury Warriors as a baseline ability.
– Disrupting Shout has been removed and replaced with 3 new talents that vary by specialization.
– Arms: Slam: Slam an opponent, causing 100% weapon damage. Each consecutive use of Slam increases the damage dealt by 50% and Rage cost by 100%. Requires Battle Stance.
– Fury: Unquenchable Thirst: Bloodthirst no longer has a cooldown.
– Protection: Unyielding Strikes: Devastate reduces the cost of Heroic Strike by 5 Rage for 5 seconds, stacking up to 6 times. Once this effect reaches 6 applications, its duration will no longer refresh.

Fury Changes
To better separate the playstyles between Fury and Arms Warriors, we’ve made several significant changes to Fury Warriors and make them a better fit for the specialization’s theme: a relentless, bloodthirsty berserker. In particular, Colossus Smash and Heroic Strike was removed, since those abilities resulted in gameplay that was the complete opposite of that intended style. Wild Strike was modified to fill the role of a quick excess Rage dump. We also felt that auto attack damage had become too high and moved some of that damage into Execute. Execute has been changed to now deal damage based on Weapon Damage instead of just Attack Power. Finally, we’ve updated some to spell alerts to improve usability.

– Bloodsurge’s effects have been merged into baseline Bloodthirst and no longer reduce Wild Strike’s global cooldown. Its spell alert has moved to the top slot instead of the left and right slots, and now has 2 charges (down from 3 charges).
– Bloodthirst now replaces Heroic Strike for Fury Warriors.
– Wild Strike now has a 0.75 second baseline global cooldown, and costs 45 Rage.
– Bloodthirst now has 30% additional Critical Strike chance (instead of double the normal Critical Strike chance).
– Crazed Berserker no longer increases auto attack damage. Instead, it also causes Execute to hit with the off-hand weapon.
– Raging Blow now extends the duration of Colossus Smash by 2 seconds, and has a spell alert on the left and right slots.
– Glyph of Colossus Smash is a new glyph available to Fury Warriors. The glyph increases the duration of Colossus Smash’s effect to 20 seconds, but reduces its effectiveness.

Enrage and Deep Wounds
We also expanded Enrage to affect all damage, not just Physical damage, and increased its duration slightly so that it can cover burst windows like Colossus Smash adequately. We’re also making a change to the design of Deep Wounds, to try to limit is effectiveness in PvP, without hurting its effectiveness in PvE.

– Mastery: Unshackled Fury (Fury) now increases all damage (up from only Physical damage).
– Deep Wounds now lasts 15 seconds, or until the target is healed to full health.
– Enrage now increases all damage (up from only Physical damage).

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