TGIF – Infinite Transmog Farming in AQ20

Not just another pretty face.

Not just another pretty face.

“I like my shit quick.” – New Jack, professional wrestler/gangster/bounty hunter/certified badass

I remember watching New Jack wrestle back in the ECW days. He was, and still is, a violent man. The halloween mask of scar tissue that he calls a forehead is a testament of the level of brutality he would take, just for the chance to dish it out.

How does that relate to World of Warcraft?

Like this – I hate transmog items. I like using them, but I hate farming transmog gear just to try and sell it. The money can be quite good, but expect items to sit up on the AH for a dog’s age. Watching transmog items sell is like watching snails screw. It takes forever to get the payoff.

Oh baby.

Oh baby.

If I’m going to put myself through the brutal grind of farming, I want it to be worth it. AQ20 has some of the more valuable transmog drops. Downside of that is that it’s a raid instance, which means long lockouts. But it doesn’t have to. Check out WTBGold’s video and see just how much farming brutality you can take.

I tried this recently and it works. You just have to make sure you don’t accidentally pull mobs that will start a chain reaction that results in bosses being pulled, locking you to the instance, preventing the reset, and going from an overall sweet experience to to “see you in a few days.”

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout!
    ~Reckles, WTBGold

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