TGIF – Stratholme Farming

I like making gold. I hate making gold with Transmog items.

People are lured to the sweet, sweet coin that comes with transmog items. I don’t think there’s any other aspect of WoW where you can earn hundreds, or thousands, of gold just by running through low level content with high level characters. It doesn’t take long to do, there’s minimal risk or effort involved, and theoretically you can make a small fortune doing it.

The problem is that you probably won’t make a cent for weeks, if not months. You are a slave to not only server economy, but personal vanity. People are not going to buy that iLevel 50 pair of pants unless it goes with an outfit they’re trying to put together. Yes, you need to hope that the dude who can’t match his socks IRL will feel that those boots go with his Night Elf’s shoulderpads, and he’ll shell out a thousand pieces of gold to make that bold fashion statement!

It’s not just about transmog items though. There’s cloth drops and other instance items that people need for one reason or another. You won’t make thousands of gold, but you could make a couple hundred.

Check out yet another video from Manthieus, this time discussing running the oft-neglected, but always a favorite, Stratholme.

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